A Thousand Lefties March In Tel Aviv…….

Lefties march in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv demanding an end to the Israeli military campaign in Lebanon, and negotiate with the Hezbollah. This of course does not surprise since these Lefties lack the fundamental capability of rational, logical thinking. How does one “negotiate” with a irrational hate organization (Hezbollah) that is determined to destroy the Jewish state of Israel?

When anyone uses the term “negotiate” concerning a Middle East crisis, what they are really asking for is a “stop gap” method to end the crisis for the time being. A temporary “way out” of a situation until the next time around. It accomplishes little.

So the Lefties will march and the media of course will try to spin it as a crack in Israeli society, but I am not buying into it at all. When the students of Israel show their support for the IDF by unfolding their uniforms and preparing themselves to be called up for active duty, I am not witnessing a crack-up in Israeli society. On the contrary, its a clear sign of Israel being cemented into a cohesive force through its collective will.

This is something that both Hamas and Hezbollah did not count on, and will become a factor in their demise, but only if the international community resists the urge in allowing the terrorist org. more breathing space. Natan Sharansky stated that:

“I hope he’s not making one mistake, and that is planning for more weeks ahead. At most, he will have days.” Why, I asked him, will Israel only have days, especially if Hezbollah continues firing rockets into Israeli civilian areas? “Because of the world,” he answered. “At the moment Israel starts becoming successful, the world tells us to stop.”

I hope for the first time that Sharansky is wrong. KGS

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