Preparing The Battle Field…….

I came across this piece from OPFOR, that gives IMHO, an accurate understanding of the Israeli military measures thus far. In preperation of a ground assault meant to wipe out Hezbollah capabilites once and for all, Israel has been busy destroying military installations in Lebanon, as well as grouping the Hezbollah terrorists into a “cul de sac” for final destruction as a military force.

I sure hope that it will succeed, as do many Lebanese who are frustrated/angry with the Hezbollah for starting something that is not in the best interests of all Lebanon. Read here as well.

” Hajj Abed, an old man from Saida who is regularly quoted on this blog as an example of Sunni sentiment in Lebanon, said, “What are they doing? What does Lebanon have to do with Haifa? Why strike Haifa? What’s there for us? What will it accomplish?”

That is the price people pay for having a terrorist organization that is “a state within a state”, and a part of the country’s political process, but carries out its own foreign policies. Terrorist hate groups should never be allowed into the political process until it reforms itself, whether it be the Hamas or Hezbollah. KGS

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