Disproportionate? Nope…….

Presently, Israel has been disparaged by both the EU Finnish Presidency and the international media at large, for the actions taken in sealing off Lebanon’s sea and air space and the targeting of Hezbollah’s infrastructure throughout Lebanon. Israel’s military actions have been deemed “disproportionate” by some EU member states with demands being been made for them to cease at once.

Israel considers every action taken thus far with the utmost seriousness, calculating each operation very carefully in order to avert unwanted civilian casualties. It is grossly unfair and wrong to consider these measure as being “disproportionate” or a part of the “cylce of violence”, when reviewing the situation as a whole. Israel’s actions must be interpreted through the rubric of the tangible threat Hizbullah poses towards more than a million civilians throughout northern Israel, as well as two IDF soldiers being abducted by Hezbollah terrorists, their seven comrades being murdered and others wounded, in a totally unprovoked attack.

Israel has already stated to the international community that it views the incursion, abduction and the ensuing murder of a number of IDF personnel as an act of war by the Hizbullah, which is a party to the Government of Lebanon,.a sovereign state, against the state of Israel. How can the IC and the media deem any Israeli response to such a gross provocation as disproportionate and a continuing of (the often repeated mantra) “the cycle of violence”? The Central Council of Jewish Communities in Finland recently released a statement that correctly notes:

“Now, when Israel is finally exercising its legitimate right of self-defence against these perpetrators, the labeling of this action by the Presidency as a vicious circle of violence is as accurate as labeling the fight between arsonists and the fire brigade analogously.”

There needs to be an accurate accounting of events, void of political “jingoisms” that only help to obfuscate the conflict. Disproportionate, if anyone in the media is reading this, could be defined as:

“a Hamas demand for Israel to release over a thousand Arab prisoners convicted of terrorism,…… for one Israeli soldier”. KGS

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