"Ol Scruffy" Now Shows His Colors, Condemning Israel…….

Earlier, the Finnish Foreign Ministry had posted a press release that demanded the return of the Israeli soldiers abducted in yesterday’s invasion by the Hezbollah of the Israeli border. It also called for the Lebanese government to exert its authority over its own territory, which means not allowing the Hezbollah to remain a state within a state.

The Finnish EU presidency has now condemned Israel for what it deems using, “disproportionate use of force”, in blockading Lebanon’s sea and air ports, as well as the civilian casualties that have resulted due to Israel’s military action against the Lebanese infrastructure.

Just what kind of response would the EU presidency not consider disproportionate? I would wager that any miltiary response by Israel, would garnish the very same response by the EU. Finnish FM, Erkki Tuomioja was recently interviewed on Finsland’s Swedish radio station stating:

“That Israel’s reaction, according to himself “and the EU”, is “totally out of proportion”, although her “right to defend herself is indisputable”.

Being a pacifist, any miltiary response would be unthinkable to the Finnish FM, who has a long checkered history of making inflammatory remarks about Israel.

The Finnish media (TV, the press, everywhere) has been parroting the same mantra, over and over again, always starting with “Israel penetrates/invades/attacks” etc. The ONLY reason the media in Finland gives for the acts of Israel is the abduction of the two soldiers. Sometimes not even the killed ones are mentioned, and NOWHERE is there even half a sentence of the fire across the northern border preceding the abduction.

I cannot help but quote Fiamma Nierenstein’s observation on one of the nine typical characteristics of the media bias:


6) Manipulation of the order in which the news are given and of the news itself. The headlines give the number of Palestinians killed or wounded in most articles, at least in Europe, before describing the gunfights and their causes, and linger on the age and family stories of the terrorists. The purposes of the IDF actions, such as capturing terrorists, destroying arms factories or hiding places and bases for attacks against Israel, are rarely mentioned. On the contrary, Israel’s operations are often described as completely uncalled for, bizarre, wicked and useless.”

Earlier, it was only France considering Israel’s actions to be “disproportionate” and the President of Iran! The latter is quoted saying that the “Zionists are the most hated/despised people in the world”! Now we have the Finns on board parroting the fickle French. The main thrust of the Finnish news media is actually the same as that of the Iranian president: only report about “the strong reactions against Israel” occurring throughout the whole world” and how many people Israel has killed. NOT A WORD on why the action takes place!

The Finnish media thus repeats and reinforces infinitely the age-old antisemitic myth of the Jew as “cruel, unforgiving and unbedning” – originating in early Christianity (the “unbending”-characteristic deriving partly from the unwillingness of the Jews to convert to Christianity). KGS

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