Muslim Child Abuse, The Poisoning Of The Mind…….

That this subject has not attracted the western media’s attention is a disgrace. It can’t be due to ignorance, the last I heard, the media is hooked up to the internet. So there must be an intentional reason for their lack of interest over the well known phenomenon of Muslims brainwashing their children on the positive attributes of killing npn-Muslims.

MEMRI TV has a very good archive of such abuse here. Is there any reason to doubt the negative impact such abuse has caused over the course of time? Just how are non-Muslims supposed to respond to such depravity, that has gone virtually unnoticed by the media? Are we supposed to believe that its for our own good NOT TO KNOW what the Islamists are preaching and teaching to their young?

We have seen the results on 9/11, and in the streets of Israeli cities and towns, where religious Islamofacist fanatics dream of killing the “infidel” to secure for themselves and their families a place in paradise. Enough is enough. Read the transcript of one episode here. KGS

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