Egyptian Imam: Suicide Terrorism A Sin…….

Imams from the the prestigious Islamic Research Academy in Egypt declared that Muslims who participate in suicide terrorist attacks are committing a sin on many levels. According to their judgement:

“Those who commit suicide bombings in the name of religion are not Muslims but rather people who sold their soul to the devil. They didn’t understand the principle of the religion according to which there is no killing allowed, except by law.”

Then Dr. Mohammad Rafat Othman of the Jurisprudence Research Committee of the Islamic Research Academy, Al-Azhar states:

“There is a difference between jihad and terror, between sacrificing yourself and suicide. Many don’t fully understand the Islamic commandments in regards to jihad. Someone who blows himself up in the middle of a crowd is a sinner who commits several crimes, first and foremost is suicide. It is well-known that religion has a sweeping prohibition on suicide or killing of others. Taking one soul is one of the worst sins one can do, commanded specifically by God.”

Ok,….but here is where the whole ruling collapses in on itself. When it comes to suicide terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians, all is forgiven. An Israeli, no matter how old or how young, male or female are free to be killed indiscriminately and in any cruel way imaginable. This ruling was brought to you by, from the representatives of the “religion of peace”. More here. KGS

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  1. Just to get my facts straight, and to compare, are most Israelis as Jews bound by some religious rule that condemns killing? Is killing people considered a sin among Jews? I find this interesting.

    Or is it only a sin when terrorists do it? And if you use cluster bombs or only hit civilians or UN officers its not a sin?

    This part has always been a bit vague for me, can you clarify that for me?

    Ultimately in my opinion it makes no difference whether you blast people into smithereens with indiscriminate artillery fire or cluster bombing like demonstrated by IDF on summer 2006 – or if you use suicide bombs, like in the topic of this thread.

    I guess you refer to muslims of Egypt as ‘the representatives of the “religion of peace”‘ – or do you mean all muslims I cannot know. Now I would like to ask you how would you classify the Jews?

    If you had to what would you call the he contemporary Israelis? “The religion of _________” ?

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