Body Of Abducted Israeli Youth Found…….

The body of abducted Eliyahu Asheri has been found. The 18 yr. old Israeli yeshiva student was murdered by Palestinian terrorists in cold blood. My sympathy to his relatives and to all of Israel over his tragic murder. May his name be for blessing and his murderers face justice. KGS

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  1. RIP. He died like a soldier, a true victim of the same zionist agenda that you push on this blog.

    Just to comment your entry, as far as I know he was an adult and a student of the IDF academy, so its not technically a “murder” but “casualty of war” if you want to be linguistically correct.

    I suppose using the word “murder” suits your fanatical ends better, am I correct?

    Well, ultimately I guess you zealots will butcher each other until kingdom come, commit genocide, force whole nations of people into poverty and squalor – just like the nazis did to jews – and theres very little anyone outside the region can do?

    I also suppose that you will only be satisfied with your “quest” here on your blog when every Palestinian has been denied of land, water, or killed dead, is that it?

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