German Newspaper Cries Foul……!

The Palestinians have had a history of turning the facts on its head, by either staging an event themselves, or spinning a tragedy to their advantage. The international media, time and time again, can be counted on by the Palestinians to rush the reports of the Arab version to the outside world (which are usually full of unsubstantiated claims) long before Israel can even make a qualified and factual statement of their own. All of the IDF’s military actions are recorded and logged, but it takes time to investigate them. The imbalance in the media’s reporting has been witnessed on many occasions, and all to the detriment of Israel:

1.) Mohamed al-Durrah, Pallywood at its best and the media (being snookered) at its worst

2.) Jenin, in spite of all the facts, it will be forever remembered as a massacre. I reccomend watching Martin Himel’s documentary “Jenin: Massacring the Truth”.

3.) Palestinian marchers who advanced in the direction of Rafah, the scene of intense fighting between the IDF and Palestinian gunmen. The IDF was falsely blamed for targeting marchers in a street with Israeli tank shells. That too was proved false, but the media spread that blood liabel far and wide, most with little or no follow up at all.

UN Sec-Gen has already retracted his statement, but that will hardly matter since the public at large has already decided that Israel is guilty, the meadia’s headlines have done their work. Here is more from the German newspaper that refuses to let this story fade, and provide a convincing number of inconsistancies that could prove the whole event to have been staged. Pallywood could have been once again, busy with doing what they do best, feeding the international media with bogus footage of events that have been either staged or altered, in order to snooker the willing media. KGS

UPDATE: Read the translated version of the original German article PowerLineBlog writes:

“Reportedly, the live commentator on the Arab satellite channel broadcasting all World Cup matches in the region abruptly cut short his trademark “goooaaaaaaal” when Pantsil brought out the flag. Oh, how I wish I had been watching that broadcast. “

Me too. KGS

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