Fickle FIFA Upset Over Ghanaian Flag Waver…….

Now let me get this straight, in an expression of love for the club where he plays football, an Ghanaian athlete waves the flag of the host country where his club is situated (Israel), and FIFA is upset. The Palestinians name a soccer tournament after a suicide terrorist who butchered 31 people over the Passover holidays, but FIFA is mute, apparently they see no problem having a football field carrying the name of a homocidal murderer. Not to worry, they are even for permitting Iran, a sponsor of terrorism with a Holocaust denying president, to participate in the World Cup.

Great going FIFA, a flage waving footballer is the cause of concern, while the just mentioned gets a free ride. Politics runs deep in the FIFA, and it makes their recent quip about being offended by the political nature of the flag waving even more absurd. The poor guy has even been forced to apologize. Shame on FIFA and those international bigots who spare no occasion to demonize the Jewish state of Israel. KGS

UPDATE: Ghana apologizes. Probably worried over being a target of Arab/Muslim ire.

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