Israeli, Palestinian Children Head For Finland In Search For Peace…….

The role of the children will be to sit around the discussion table and bring up new ideas for peace in the area. The idea has been put forwarded by the Children’s United Parliament of the World, an independent body based in Finland. The non-governmental organization has 50 countries as members. “

I wish all the best for the participants to the “Peace Talks Round Table” event which will be held in Finland this August, but as a friend observed:

“…….14-16 years olds are not quite “children” anymore, at least not according to many Palestinians who consider them eligible for fighting in the “holy war”…….”

The Israeli embassey has fully agreed to particpate in the event and proves the point that Israel will never turn down a reasonable opportunity to promote peace at any level. Also note worthy is the Palestinian mission in Helsinki, that went along with it as well. Lets hope that something positive comes from this event. KGS

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