Gaza Beach Tragedy Highlights Palestinian Propaganda successes…….

It appears that once again in the reporting on events in the Middle East, the lie sails clear around the world before the truth has barely gotten its pants on. The IDF has been miserably slow in getting its side of the story out to the international media, while the Palestinians have proven themselves more than able to translate their version of things to the international media without any difficulties.

The fact that the Hamas has been clearing the site of the explosion in order to frustrate an Israeli investigation, should be setting off warning signals to any serious journalist who wants to get to the bottom of the story. According to Middle East commentator David Fraknfurter:

” The IDF has been very carefully checking itself over the last days. A senior officer just appeared on Israeli television explaning that all IDF shelling in the Gaza area where the Palestinian family was tragically killed stopped well before the tragic explosion occured. He also explained that the Palestinians were known to have explosives in the area, that the Palestinians refused to co-operate in any way with the Israeli investigations, and that all injured were taken to a Palestinian hospital to remove all traces of metal fragments from their bodies before being transferred to Israeli hospitals for proper care. All signs were that the explosions were Palestinian in origin and that a massive blood libel and cover-up was implemented.”

This all of course is amazingly familar to the Al-Dura blood-libel, that became the rallying cry at the beginning of the second round of hostilities called the the ‘Second Intifada’. Durah it has been proven, was shot by Palestinians, not the IDF. But that doesn’t matter any more to the most of the world that accepts the Palestinian propagandists version of the events.

You would expect that the media would be more savvy in their reporting, and not accept unsubstantiated stories as being “news worthy”, or at least including a healthy disclaimer and a follow up story when the full truth is known. The media is notorius for parroting the same story from the wire services (who on more than one occasion use the same bogus source for their stories) and never bother to correct themselves afterwards.

Helsingin Sanomat is one good example of this nonsense, in reporting that 30 headless bodies were found in Iraq, and never bothered to retract it after it was proven to have been a false story. Finland’s central newspaper the Keskisuomalainen, still has not corrected itself, in its reporting of the Gaza beach bombing, according to them, its still the ISraeli navy that did the shelling, though that has been proven to have been entirely false. KGS

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