Al-Qaida Fights In The Streets Of Mogadishu…….

This is a worrisome development of great concern, that will only delay a return to normalcy in Somalia. As the article tells it, the Islamists believe that they can bring “order” to the country. This of course brings up a disturbing picture of life in Afghanistan under Talibani rule.

“The Islamic militia’s growth in popularity and strength is reminiscent to some of the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan in the late 1990s. The secular alliance says it has retrieved the bodies of Arab militiamen and others who resemble Pakistanis, Sudanese and Ethiopians, proving its rivals are bolstered by foreign fighters”.

The situation in Somalia warrants close monitoring by the international community, Al-Qaida desperately needs a base to conduct its war against Western interests. Where ever there is anarchy, Al-Qaida cannot be too far away. More here. KGS

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