Islamist ebay? Terrorists Selling Shirts Off Their Backs…….

Its crunch time in Hamastan, with the Islamists looking for ways to ‘drum up’ extra cash any way they can (they could save big time, by ending their weapons imports). The latest scheme is to auction off clothing that belonged to their dead fellow terrorists, to the highest bidder. This is as odd/weird as Ahmadinejad’s recent letter to the US president.

Like I said before, the Islamist government of Hamastan is finding difficulty in running its government through suitcases stuffed with cash, and making it through Fatah controlled border crossings with the dough going undetected. It also means that Iran’s big promise of financial support to the Hamas led government, are as hollow as the Iranian pledge to the IAEA, that they have no intention of creating a nuke bomb of their own. KGS

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