Islamic Jihad Head Kept Out By Israel’s Courts…….

A recent ruling by Israel’s Supreme Court, which upheld a controversial law that prevents Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip from gaining legal residency in Israel, has been vindicated. An Islamic Jihad commander, Sheikh Mohammad Saadi, who is high on Israel’s “most wanted” list, admits that Israeli law prevented him from marrying an Israeli Arab woman. The Shin Bet believe that he was involved in the planning of suicide/homicide terror attacks in Israel.

All of this brings clarity to the Israeli High Courts decision to keep the law on the books. Israel’s many detractors will disengenuously use this law as a tool of propaganda, in order to promote a negative image of a Israel. The fact that these laws are a result of a conflict that has seen over a thousand Israelis dead, and tens of thousands wounded from Palestinian acts of genocide, tells a different story.

The amount of Israeli dead and wounded would be even higher, if not for the excellent job of Israel’s well trained army and border security. Read the rest of the story here. KGS

Note: These restrictions were not in force during the period prior to the first Intifada. Once again, “if not for Palestinian terrorism”……

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