Fellow Clansman of Hamas Leader in Damascus Arrested…….

A top wanted fugitive from the Hamas’ military wing, the Izzedine al Qassam, was caught in his Ramallah apartment by the IDF. It was reported that the top commander gave up without a fight, even submitting to the demands of the IDF that he strip to his underwear, a neccessary precaution to guard against a suicide attack.

Please be reminded that this is a man responsible for sending many a Palestinian to his/her death on a homicide/suicide terror attack, that has claimed the lives of over 70 Israelis, and wounding scores more. He ended up surrendering to an IDF bulldozer. How gallant of him. I hope this sends a message to all the other gullable candidates that the Hamas has waiting in line, that their leaders go out with a whimper, while their brain washed pupils got out with a bang.

A job well done for the IDF, they captured a top wanted terrorist without firing a shot. I really hope that the IDF is successful in one day capturing his fellow clansman, Khaled Mashaal, the top Hamas leader based in Damascus, before Sweden allows him a visa. More here. KGS

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