Iraq Joins The Democratic Club……

It would wrong for Iraq’s recent step into the democratic fold to go unnoticed by the rest of the free and democratic world. In spite of the violence biting at the ankles of this nascent democracy, the people of Iraq can stand and be proud of their achievements, as well as the US led Coalition forces. The *insurgency* has been defeated for some time now, regardless of the violence displayed in the streets of Baghdad. The rebel agenda (totalitarianism) has never translated into any kind of political capital for their movement, most military officers on the ground will tell you that much. Regardless of the many bombings, as a political entity, the insurgency is dead in the water. One ‘tell’ tale sign of their defeat, is the complete lack of a political constituency, they are forced then, to repeatedly use old methods of IED’s, car/truck suicide/homicide bombings and assasinations. The rebel/jihadi insurgency may develop different tactics in using these methods, but they remain nontheless stuck pretty much where they were three years ago, and find that the new Iraqi army along with the US forces are quick to adapt.

The insurgency keeps using the media however to its own limited advantage, by creating an image of unlimited capacity to prolong the violence, in spite of the movement’s own leadership displaying signs of despair and frustration. Even as the Iraqi parliament was being sworn in, the deadly attacks in Iraqi streets were getting an equal billing in the headlines. I say ‘rubbish’ to all the nay-saying and bad press coverage of the unprecedented events unfolding in Iraq, it is nothing short of spectacular. Who would have thought 3-4 yrs ago that such a democratic government would be sworn in? Are there monumental problems still to be addressed?……yes, but they are that much closer to solving them than they were a few years ago. Read More. KGS

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