The Real Iraq…….

Amir Taheri, [formerly the executive editor of Kayhan, Iran’s largest daily newspaper] writes why there is much more positive news coming out of Iraq than the media is letting on. That Iraq isn’t the hopeless mess its being presented as, and that the media is doing a great disservice to the public by creating an image that doesn’t reflect the reality of the situation on the ground. Points raised in the essay:

The lack of refugees.
The return of exiles
The value of the Iraqi dinar
The activity by small and medium-sized businesses
The level of agricultural activity
The freedom of speech, the verbalizing of a people
The significant share of democratic history, culture, and tradition in Iraq
The shared sense of national identity [uruqa ]
The place of politics dethroning the insurgency
The emergence of Iraqi agriculture as an export commodity

All of these developments point to a brighter future in Iraq, the question is, why is the media playing the role of the rejectionist? More here. KGS

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