Hamas Says, Thanks Finland…….!

The Palestinians knew that good ol’ Finland would never let them down, and it looks like Abbas’ trip to Finland was not in vain. While no one wants to begrudge people in need of food, why are we once again paying people’s salaries? Why are we subsidizing Palestinian terrorism?

“AbuZayd welcomed Finland’s intention to boost support through her agency. She says the situation in Palestinian refugee camps has worsened because the Hamas government has been unable to pay staff wages for two months.”

Its only a few days since Yasser Arafat’s chief money man, Faud Shabaki blabbed to the Shin Bet that foreign aid money went to fund terrorism against Israel. As long as the EU can guarantee our tax Euros do not go to funding terrorism, then some aid is in order. But a careful and very watchful eye has to be maintained in order to ensure the terrorists are denied any financial cut from the aid money. KGS

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