Civil War Watch, As Palestinians Thump Chests…….

The Palestinians are now squaring off in separate corners, with the ‘beefing up’ of each other’s ‘security’ forces. PA president, Mahmoud Abbas, (who recently escaped an assassination attempt by the Islamic Jihad, thanks to Israeli intelligence) now sends his own loyal police force into Gaza. With each side slapping the others face, its only a matter of time before they start to train their guns on each other in earnest. Most will recall Israel, the Quartet and other states independently calling for Abbas, (while the Fatah ruled the PA) to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure, disarm Hamas and the other terror groups, and institute a ‘one gun, one rule’ within the PA.

Abbas declined to touch any of the various terror groups, saying; “it would lead to a civil war”. That strategy has predictably failed, with an increase of mayhem and murder by the differing Arab clans, as they lay claim to each others turf. After the death of ‘Stinky’, Abbas’ chosen path of non-confrontation, has not only been self defeating, it delays the inevitable. There can only be one government, and one security force and one rule of law that answers to the constitution of that entity. Competing forces with differing loyalties can only be counted on to….compete. Why is that so hard to understand? More here. KGS

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