A Line Drawn In The Sand…….

The government of Israel has now set a deadline for the Palestinian Authority, to recognize Israel’s right to exist and agree to negotiate a permanent settlement to the conflict by the end of this year. After that, Israel will determine its own borders unilaterally and the Palestinians can go suck eggs:

“Israel will give the Palestinians until the end of the year to prove they are willing to negotiate a final peace deal, and will unilaterally set its final borders by 2008 if they don’t, Israel’s justice minister said Wednesday. The statement by Justice Minister Haim Ramon, a close associate of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s, was the first by an Israeli official to set a deadline for the Hamas-led Palestinian government to disarm and recognize the Jewish state. …

“Through the end of this year, 2006, there will be honest attempts to talk to the other side,” Ramon told Israel’s Army Radio. “If it becomes clear by the end of the year that we really have no partner, and the international community is also convinced of this, then we will take our fate into our own hands and not leave our fate in the hands of our enemies.”

The end of the tunnel is now in sight, with the Israelis setting their sights on disengaging totally from the Palestinians, (who have not exhibited any sign of wanting a state of their own since the signing of the Oslo agreements on the White House lawn) and securing a future for themselves….without the added Palestinian baggage. The Israelis are done with the policing of the Arabs, and plan to reduce their number of settlements so that the remainder will be easily incorporated into the Jewish state.

The Palestinians of course could maintain their present direction which could eventually lead to a state, but one of perpetual chaos and of poverty, and of their own choosing. No other national group in the world has been helped and pandered to, than the Palestinians. They have received more aid per capita than any other group, and have absolutely zero to show for it. The expensive villas that surround abject poverty is telling enough,…of where all the aid money went to. They are the anti-UN poster child warning for all other national groups desiring statehood,…and not to be exemplified. KGS

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