Bombs And Bullets As Palestinian Sectarian Violence Continues…….

The Palestinians have been busy trading bullets and bombs over the last few days, with the latest exchange taking place in Gaza City, which resulted in nine people being injured after Hamas gunmen opened fire on bodyguards protecting Samir Masharawi, a leading Fatah figure. Then as members from the two sides rushed to the scene of the fighting, they opened up on each other wounding eight more, which included five children. Hamas then ‘upped the ante’ by exploding two bombs at a Fatah funeral procession for one of their slaim members, wounding more people which included children. More here KGS

UPDATE: A truce has been called for between the two factions, just how long the two can refrain from tearing eachother apart remains to be seen. Israel’s disengagement policy is being proven to have been a wise decision with each days passing.

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