Amnesty International, A Squandered Reputation…….

Amnesty International has been promoting a leftist agenda for some time now. With the exclusive focusing of A.I.’s attention on supposed human rights violations of western states, (most notably the US and Israel) it turns a blind eye to the abuses in China, N.Korea and Cuba ect.

It also has taken to being a trumpet for Islamist propaganda, with charges of ‘torture’ and other human rights abuses that have been proven to be false. Its recent claim of a secret archipelago of US prisons around the world, along with Irene Khan’s claim that Gitmo and Iraq prisons constitute a “Gulag of our times”, (in spite of the fact that from more than 28,000 interrogations have taken place at the prison, only ten charges of abuse have been deemed legitimate) shows just how reckless the international organization has become. Read more. KGS

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