The Case Of Sweden, A Glass Half Empty Or Half Full……?

While Sweden can be correctly criticized for its negative attitude towards the state of Israel, its recent decision to reject Islamist demands for a seperate legislation for Muslims, should be commended.

While one could view with pessimism the ridiculous demands made by the Swedish Islamists, I however, look at the glass as being half full. The demands made by Mahmoud Aldebe, the chairman of the Swedish Muslim Association, which represents 70 000 Muslims in Sweden, was rejected outright by the Muslim Council of Sweden. Spokesman, Mehmet Kaplan stated to the Svenksa Gagbladet:

“This has absolutely no support in any of our organisations, it’s a non-issue for us. I have also spoken to the vice-chairman of the Swedish Muslim Association and he didn’t know anything about it either.”

Equally important is the fact that Sweden’s equality minister Jens Orback called the proposals “completely unacceptable”.

The fact that some Muslims in leadership are demanding rights not offered to the rest of society, is of course is strangely familiar. Looking back to the Mohamed cartoon brouhaha earlier this year, some of Denmark’s Danish Muslims in roles of leadership demanded special protection from the Danish government. Thankfully, there are other Danish Muslims who reject the intolerance and hegemonistic agenda of the Islamists as they do in Sweden.

This is a sign of hope and of progress being made by the modernist Muslim camp, and needs to be trumpeted when ever such a victory(no matter how small) is won. KGS

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