Saddam Hussein’s Taliban Connections…….

The release by the Pentagon, of thousands of documents and audio tapes captured during Operation Iraqi Freedom, has revealed a ‘treasure trove’ of information on the inner workings of the Saddam regime. The recent translation of Document IISP-2003-00040598 makes the declaration of:

“We already believe that there are no points of disagreement between us and the Taliban because we are both in one trench facing the world’s oppression…..For the future we think that we will arrange relations between us, as an intelligence service, and them in a SECRET (translator’s emphasis) way to establish the strong base of this relation.”

The fact is, that while the US was funding certain groups within the Afgani resistance through the Pakistani ISI, (also circumventing it to favor the less brutal and slightly less fundamentalist Tajik warlord, Ahmed Shah Massoud) to fight the USSR, so was Saddam. Iraq then, was busy funding the Taliban, (an Osama Bin Laden favorite) against their own benefator, the Soviets.

The Islamists/Taliban worked rather well with the Iraqi Ba’atist regime against the Soviets, and breaks the myth once and for all that they would not have anything to do with each other. Its becoming less of a specualtion that those ties were rekindled later on. KGS

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