Palestinian/Finnish Gothic…….

Abbas comes to Helsinki today to beg for more doe from the Finnish government. Pali supporters, Pres.Tarja Halonen and FM Erkki (Ol’ Scruffy) Tuomioja will be rolling out the red carpet for the neutered Palestinian president, who intends to play the scare card, of “the Palestinians will get more radicalized if no money is forthcoming”, from his whirlwind tour of Europe. Please tell me just how ”more radicalized” a death cult society can get.

I couldn’t imagine a more “down-to-earth” get together than between these three. One is the president of corrupt, bankrupt, terrorist death cult society, the other is a president who’s a “Third world activist” who has made Finnish foreign politics into something of a rude joke, and the Ol’Scruffy, who compares Israel to Nazis.

For European states to renege on their collective promise to not have anything to do with Hamas until the recognize Israel, reject terror and abide by all previously signed commitments, would mean a return to the same “business as usual” policies of the EU during the Arafat years. No *REAL* demand for Palestinian accountability and the backbone for needed sanctions when they fail to deliver.

The Arabs know all too well that the scare card of “increased radicalization” of Pali society will cause them to “look between their fingers” as well as “the other way”. .Arab rationale is not unlike the thinking of racists and criminals, that blame others(society) for their own failures and short comings. Europes’ rationale vis-a-vis the Arab “teflon” approach to accountability, is akin to that of a criminal justice system that rewards offenders with stipends to induce good behaviour, or to at least moderate their violent/criminal behaviour. More here.

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