A Tale Of Two Pitches, And International Hypocrisy…….

On the 30th of March, a football field in the Israeli kibbutz of Karmiya (south of Ashkelon) was attacked by Palestinian Kassam rockets, injuring one person while sending several more people into shock. Reaction by the international football organization FIFA, was a muted silence. Lets move the clock forward one day, when the IDF chose to send a message to the Palestinians, that future acts of terrorism will not go unanswered.

The Israelis then targeted a football field in Gaza, but only after knowing that the stadium was unpopulated, which was quite opposite to the intention of the Palestinian terrorists when they fired their Kassam rockets at the Israeli kibbutz, hoping to spill the maximum of Jewish blood possible. A few days later, Jerome Champagne, FIFA deputy general secretary in charge of political issues apparently had his shorts all tangled up in a knot, and chose to unjustly single out Israel for opprobrium.

If there is anyone after reading this post who still believes that the media and international organizations are not biased against Israel, please provide an URL to the story about international disgust over the kibbutz football field bombing. Tom Gross at NRO has written a good article on the hypocrisy. KGS

Note: I wonder if the FIFA has plans to rebuild the football pitch at kibbutz Karmiya?

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