Much To Do About Nothing…….

The case against the VP’s former chief of staff, I.Lewis “Scooter” Libby is losing steam, in a “cooked up case” that never had any merit in the first place. Those who are prosecuting Libby, know full well that George W Bush’s speech to Congress, in which he stated that British intelligence had evidence of Iraq seeking to buy uranium from Niger, was a statement of fact. It was indeed a claim made by the British intelligence community.

Nonetheless, the Democrat inspired prosecution of Libby for farcical ”Plame Gate”, (the supposed outing of a CIA agent that was not active for over seven years) is now close to running on empty. Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald is now changing parts of his case file, and if the trend continues, the prosecutor will be dropping the case that should never have been prosected to begin with.

This is all the product of Bush’s political foes who want to bring some kind of damning evidence against the president, in order to derail his policies in the Middle East. Libby is being prosecuted for something he said to a grand jury, not for any supposed “leak” of a CIA agent. The reason he was brought before the grand jury in the first place, was to see if he would trip himself up before the panel of judges, so that a case can be brought against him. A case by the way, the Democrats never would have had without some insconsistancies in Libby’s accounting of what ”he may or may not have said” to reporters.

Like I said, this whole case has been a total farce and a waste of tax payers money, especially when viewed in the light of the original claim about Iraq’s quest to buy Niger uranium. There is far more weight behind that assertion, than Fitzgerald’s case against Libby will ever have. KGS

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