Syria, One Step Forward, Two Steps Back…….

U.N. Finds That 25% of Married Syrian Women Have Been Beaten

DAMASCUS, Syria, April 10 — Syria’s first comprehensive field study of violence against women has concluded that nearly one married woman in four surveyed had been beaten. The study was released last week as part of a report on Syria by the United Nations Development Fund for Women. More.

Syrian Authorities Detain Human Rights Activist

DAMASCUS (AP)–Syrian authorities detained a human rights activist Sunday, two human rights groups said. The Committees for Defending Democratic Liberties and Human Rights in Syria said in a statement Abdullah Halak, a university student, was picked up by security agents from his home in the northern province of Hama and taken to an undisclosed location. The arrest came after the London-based Amnesty International last week criticized Syria for arresting political and human rights activists, describing the crackdown as another “blot” on the country’s poor human rights record. More.

The Syrian government’s field study on the abuse of women, is the first step along the way towards full respect for the civil and human rights of its citizens. They clearly have a long way to go when they repeatedly insist on arresting human rights activists. It makes the Syrian government’s recent field study, appear to be nothing more than mere window dressing. KGS

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