Palestinians Launch Rocket Attacks Against Israel, Then Seek UN Protection,…….

I say no way to the idiot Palestinian terrorists who choose to launch factory made
rockets at Israel, then cry ‘foul’ when Israel defends itself. The Palestinians have chosen once again to ignore a historic chance for peace, by making a conciliatory effort towards the Jewish state, after the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

Rejecting a chance for normalcy between to two sides, the Palestinians have instead chosen to not only elect a terrorist organization for their leadership, but to carry on with their strategy of political terrorism in place of peaceful negotiations.

Now the terrorists believe they can launch a barrage of rockets and then hide behind the coat tails of the UN Security Council. The Palestinians are in need of a drastic dose of WAKE UP. A new reality is in store for them, where they an no longer ‘play victim’ while acting the role of aggressor. They can’t expect legitimacy, while denying the legitimacy of the Jewish state of Israel. And they can’t expect be paid their customs money from an Oslo agreement their elected officials don’t even recognize. Read more KGS

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