Its going to be increasingly difficult for the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas to administer the PA through suitcases stuffed with cash. By the look of things, they don’t even have that. The 140 000 Palestinians that are on the governmental payroll are starting to feel the pinch, as the coffers begin to dry up.

The international community has doled out billions to these Arabs with very little nothing to show for their generosity and concern. Corruption (something the MSM has just recently discovered) has played a serious role in the bankruptcy of the PA and their society. Those of us who follow the developments in the Israeli/Arab conflict have long known about the rampant corruption within the PA, but interestingly enough, the western media chose not to draw too much attention to it, since it would cast the supposed ‘under dog’ in a very bad light.

Most are now aware of the immense corruption under Arafat…..but long after ‘stinky’ is dead and buried. This shows how the media has become a third party in the conflict, in their willingness to be manipulated by the Palestinians. What else could explain their reluctance to refrain from reporting extensively on the misuse of international funding?

Its all coming to a head as the IC is becoming more and more reluctant to pour yet even more money into the SAME GROUP year after year, while other more needy causes go without. End the UNRWA by intregrating the Palestinian ‘refugees’ into the UNHCR (that UN org. that handles all the other refugee problems in the world) while demanding serious changes from the Palestinians themselves, or otherwise suffer the consequences. Enough is enough. KGS

Update: Here is another reason for the MSM’s pandering to non-democratic elements in the ME, intimidation and the fear of being ignored. Here is an excerpt from a post on Michael J.Totten’s weblog, concerning the neanderthal mindset that inhabits that portion of the non-democratic Islamic world: An Open Letter to Hezbollah

Dear Hussein Naboulsi,
I know you’re still monitoring my Web site. At least you kept monitoring me long after the two of us stopped talking – if “talking” is the right word. One of my colleagues said you told him I’m blacklisted because of what I wrote about you in the LA Weekly. You won’t give me quotes anymore. You won’t give him quotes anymore either because he’s tainted by his association with me.
What do you people expect? It’s one thing when you trot out your impotent Death to America slogans. It’s another thing altogether when you threaten and bully us personally. I’m not a wire agency reporter. When you talk to me you’re on the record. When you say “We know who you are, we read everything you write, and we know where you live,” you’re on the record. Of course I’m going to quote you. If you don’t want to look like an asshole in print, don’t act like an asshole in life.More

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