Swedish Justice Presents Signs Of Its Darker Past…….

The Swedish Chancellor of Justice (JK), Göran Lambertz, who had refused to press charges for incitement against a mosque in Sweden despite the fact that the JK in his statement ADMITS that the video the mosque had been selling contains material which is “extremely degrading” for the Jews (“consistently referred to as the brothers of apes and pigs”), has been taken to task in an excellent article by Ilyan Meyer, Open season on Swedish Jews: .

Mr.Meyer writes:
“Here is a case – one of many – in which Hitler’s racist-supremacy descendants are expressing the very same sentiments albeit in a different language, and the result is, once again, a politically correct shrug of public-office indifference. Hitler called upon his supporters to kill all Jews for what he claimed was the general social good. His call was to kill all Jews everywhere. He almost succeeded. In the Stockholm Grand Mosque, true believers are incited to murder in the name of religion. And they are incited to murder all Jews, everywhere. The similarity in intent is terrifying. As is the similarity in silence from those whose job it is to know better. “

Research done by Lund University’s Professor Anders Jarlert, shows that this is not the first time Sweden has acted against its Swedish Jewish minority. According to Jartlet: “For ten years up until the end of the Second World War, Swedish priests applied nazi race rules to marriage. Swedes who wanted to marry Germans were forced to prove that they were not Jewish. And ‘racially impure’ marriages could be annulled by Swedish courts”

“Any Swede who wanted to marry an arian German was forced to sign an affirmation stating that none of the German’s grandparents were Jewish. According to Lund University’s Professor Anders Jarlert, who led the research, Sweden’s application of these laws lacked historical and democratic legitimacy. It was also alien to the Swedish sense of justice, said Jarlert. The Swedish courts were complicit too, annulling a number of marriages and declaring the children born within them as illegitimate.”

The use of the Swedish courts to uphold and defend anti-Semitical edicts and judicial rulings are apparently not a new phenomenon, with the present Swedish Chancellor of Justice taking a page right out of Sweden’s darker past. Sign the petition to appeal against the Swedish Chancellor of Justice’s decision to discontinue pre-trial hearings against the Stockholm mosque. KGS

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