Iran’s ‘Stealthy’ bluffs…….

Iran is more close to achieving a nuclear weapon, than they are to the multiple warhead system needed to deliver it. The Iranians are busy trying to project a bigger image than they can cast, with a supposedly new flying boat ‘stealth’ aircraft, a capacity that was yet unknown until a few days ago.

If the ‘stealthyness’ of the new boat/aircraft is anything like their newfound multiple warhead capacity, then it will as undectable as the Goodyear blimp on Super Bowl Sunday.

According to ThreatsWatch.org: “The Pentagon is saying now that Iran tested an older version of the Scud missile family last week and not any new ICBM development. What was launched in last week’s much publicized Iranian media event was, in fact, a Shahab-2 with a range of 310 miles. The Shahab-2 is the Iranian designation for the Scud-C variant of the Russian design.”

Big LizardsBlog has more on it. KGS

Update: Captains Quarters: “However, even if these programs didn’t appear to have escaped from Tom Clancy’s reject bucket, one has to remember that even the best weaponry only performs as well as the people in charge of them — and these mullahs are the same ones who mismanaged an eight-year war against Saddam Hussein into a bloody stalemate, boosting Saddam’s profile for a short period until we wiped him out in six weeks in 1991. So they can claim all the weapons systems they want, but until they claim possession of a nuclear device, they’re not fooling anyone. They will find the US determined to prevent that day from coming.”

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