Hamas’ Truce = ‘Blue Smoke And Mirrors’…….

The terrorist group Hamas, has successfully pulled the wool over the eyes of the western media and its politicians, with the canard that it has refrained from violence during the ‘hudna’ of 2005.

Hamas leadership has learned from the Arafat years, that one can claim innocence of ties to terrorism, while providing logisitics and funding for other groups to carry on with terrorist attacks. I have written about their terrorist activities during the ‘so called’ hudna here. Hamas is playing a well used hand, and to some extent its worked, with analysts and political pundits speaking of the alleged ‘pragmatism’ that Hamas exhibits in its keeping of promises. Nonsense.

Hamas is but one small/miniscule voice in the Islamic ‘Ummah’ (Muslim world), and cannot unilaterally make decisions for itself, rather, it seeks approval for its decisions from religious leaders residing outside of the territories. Therefore, when one speaks of the ‘moderation and pragmatism’ of Hamas, what is in question is the moderation and pragmatism of other fanatical Islamist religious leaders throughout the Middle-East.

Presently, the Islamists of the ME see no place for a Jewish state in the heart of the Islamic world. That, more than anything else will determine whether the Hamas leadership becomes ‘pragmatic’ or not. KGS

Update: 5.4.06
Little Green Footballs reports that the ‘forked tongue of Hamas is at it again :”Terrorists who know how to work their audience: Hamas leader takes conciliatory note in UN letter. “

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