“Because I’m Their Worst Nightmare"…….

“Danish MP Naser Khader declares war on Islamism”, That was the headline to the story on the Danish Blog site of PIA CAUSA. Naser Khader of the Democratic Muslims, stated: “I understand what they say, because I know their ideology and their agenda.” The rest can be found here.

These brave democratically minded Muslims should be finding support for their efforts from all sectors of society in the free world. Its in the best interests of all concerned, that Islam will succeed in moderating itself, which means the willingness to accept not only the freedoms that democracy affords (exm: the freedom to express an opinion [criticism] good and bad), but also its limitations (no right prohibiting opinions, good and bad). Simply said, no one, no sytem is above and beyond criticism. Naser Khader has served the Islamists a warning: “I’m their worst nightmare”, but he is a dream of the best kind to all those that support liberal democracy. KGS

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