The Sunnier Side Of Islam……?

Reformist Dr.Kamel Al-Najjar illustrates why Islam is in need of its own reformation. The MEMRI organization translated the following excerpts from Dr.Al-Najjar’s article. Before Islam can be accepted by the West as a positive moral force, it must begin to distance itself from its darker teachings. The modern world needs to consistantly demand for Islam to reform itself, and support all reform minded individuals such as Dr.Al-Najjar and Irshad Manji. KGS

“How Can We Call for Co-Existence Between Religions When the Religious Scholars… Say Every Day That the Bible and New Testament are Falsified, That Christians are Polytheists… and That Jews are the Descendants of Apes and Pigs?”

“If the Muslims are serious about presenting the radiant face of Islam, they must drop this false, hollow arrogance, and acknowledge their dark past and their even darker present. They must establish a global judiciary council whose function will be to punish any sheikh that issues a fatwa encouraging or permitting violence – whether physical or ideological… They must also re-interpret the Koran, putting the warlike verses – the verse of the sword and similar hadiths – in historical perspective as verses that are no longer valid… Perhaps they should take an example from those who follow the Koran alone and do away with all the hadiths and with the sunna…”

[Dr. Kamel Al-Najjar, a reformist who writes on the reformist websites www.kitabat.com and www.elaph.com, expressed reservations regarding the validity of these recommendations.]

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