Pali Teen Caught Wearing Homicide/Suicide Belt…….

Turning to the Palestinians, Olmert said: “We are prepared to compromise, give up parts of our beloved land of Israel, remove, painfully, Jews who live there, to allow you the conditions to achieve your hopes and to live in a state in peace and quiet. The time has come for the Palestinians … to relate to the existence of the state of Israel, to accept only part of their dream, to stop terror, to accept democracy and accept compromise and peace with us.”

And the Palestinians responded…. by sending in a teenager to commit an act of genocide by homicide/suicide detonation.

“IDF troops recovered a 10-kilogram (22 pounds) explosives belt Wednesday afternoon after detaining a Palestinian teenager at a checkpoint in the Jordan Rift Valley. Meanwhile, the defense establishment has 69 general warnings about terror groups’ intensions to carry out attacks, 13 of which are based on pinpoint intelligence tips.”

And the Palestinians responded…. by firing a 122mm Katyusha rocket, a much longer-range projectile than the Qassam, from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

“The Katyusha was fired Tuesday morning. It caused no injuries or damage.
Israel Channel 10 Television said the rocket was apparently fired by the Islamic Jihad, which had vowed to try to disrupt the Tuesday general election. Remains of the rocket were discovered in searches of areas hit by rockets south of Ashkelon. Military sources said the potential range of the Katyusha is some 15 kilometers, about six kilometers longer than that of the Qassam.”

The Palestinians also killing a day earlier, two Arabs, a Bedouin shepard and his son. The disengagement policy of Sharon and now Omert, admits to this present day reality, that there is no one on the other side to negotiate with. KGS

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