Kadima Wins, Margin Slimmer Than Predicted…….

‘The Milkman’ was right! Though the outcome was forcasted correctly, voter turnout proved to be the pivotal factor in determining the number of seats won. The biggest loser by far was Likud, which only attained 11 seats in the Knesset, effectively becoming a shell of its former self. Even Gimlaim (a pensioners party) which was considered nothing more than a joke, garnished 8 seats on their very first try as a political party in a general election. What surprised most was the success of the Labour Party, in garnishing 20 seats, ensuring a return to the socialist agenda. Bibi Netanyahu must be ‘seeing red’ over the defeat of his party, as well as his reforms. To read a more in depth analysis of the elections, please visit Benjamin Kerstein’s blog here. KGS

With 99 percent of the ballots counted, the election results for the 17th Knesset appeared as follows:

Kadima: 28 Knesset seats
Labor: 20
Shas: 13
Israel Beitenu: 12
Likud: 11
NRP / NU: 9
Pensioners: 7
United Torah Judaism: 6
Meretz: 4
United Arab List: 4
Balad: 3
Hadash: 3

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