Leading Kabbalist ‘The Milkman’ Says Olmert Win Assured…….

Leading Kabbalist, Rabbi Haim Cohen, known as “The Milkman,” said in a Ynet interview that acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will win. The easy win however, will not assure an easy term;

“Kadima is moving up, that’s true. But at the same time, the religious right side is also moving up, and this will create a real problem for Olmert,” the rabbi said. “The national-religious camp will gain strength in the elections, and Olmert will find it difficult to govern, particularly because he wishes to form a government without the ultra-Orthodox and the Right. It won’t be that easy for him. According to spiritual vision he (Olmert) will be the next Prime Minister. We all hope that he will take care of the people of Israel, and that’s what’s important. A Prime Minister is like a king and we all expect a king to do good for his people.” Making political predictions has become a common phenomenon among new-age Kabbalists.” KGS

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