Western Media Cry ‘Moderate’……!

Here we have again the beginnings of a media ready and willing to read ‘something good’ into every obfuscated word uttered by a genocidal totalitarian. In the Finnish daily HS, they ran the following headline to an AP/Reuters article; “Palestinian PM speaks moderately prior to Israeli elections”. Ismail Hania’s version of ‘ending the conflict’ is nothing more than *window dressing* for a pliable media and doubly pliable European political elite. Hamas’ refusal to directly recognize Israel and existing agreements, as well as ending terror is the rubric by which their true intentions should be judged. Its not surprising that al-AP and al-Reuters trip over themselves in the rush to heap praise of ”moderation” on the Hamas, while casting Israel once again as the spoiler. Its an old trick perfected during the Arafat years, and proves that the Hamas were observant students. KGS

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