Israel Will No Longer Put Faith In Statements The Palestinians Don’t Even Believe In…….

Let there be no doubt, unless the Hamas recognizes Israel, ends terror and adheres to prior agreements, their words will be ‘as helium’ to the Israelis. Its the Palestinians themsleves who have elected them, now they’re stuck with them, but not Israel. That’s the core message from Ariel Sharon to the Palestinians, though he is no longer to able to convey that message, the Kadima party is.

The dynamics of the conflict war have changed, being fundamentally different from what they were during the Oslo years. No longer would the ”promise of peace” prove to be enough to bring security to Israel. Once badly stung, with over a thousand dead and twenty times that number wounded, Israel would change the dynamics in order to meet their needs, not the Arabs.

In complete contrast to the workings of the Oslo agreements, Israel would now concentrate on their own strengths, not on Palestinian weakness, on Israeli determination, not on the lack of Palestinian good will. Disengagement would eventually bring peace, not the other way around. Though Sharon still lays within a coma, his vision of securing Israel a more peaceable future does not. In time, I believe Sharon’s strategy will have been proven to be correct. KGS

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