Despite Terror Warnings, Israel Opens Karni Crossing…….

In spite of repeated terror warnings, the Israeli gov’t decided to re-open the crossings in northen and southern Gaza, the crossing at Karni opened today. Just how much of the decision to re-open the crossings due to US pressure is anyone’s guess, but it shows once again that Israel is putting humanitarian concerns for the Palestsinians over their own security.

The situation of the closed crossings was a part of the discussion on the Finnish state TV’s Sunday edition(26.3.06) of ‘Maailmannäyttämöllä’. For those of you that understand Finnish, the link to the broadcast is here. The theme for the discussion group concerned the upcoming elections and the ‘peace process’. After viewing one short clip about rotting Palestinian exports, the question of ‘why the produce couldn’t be exported’ (threats of terrorism) went unexplored.

One of the three participants was a well known shmendrik’, supposed Middle-East “expert” Pertti Multanen, the second being an author of a revisionist book on Israeli modern history, Hannu Juusola, and the third participant being a voice of reason, Jouko Jääskelainen. The last two mentioned, agreed that, ”the fact the Palestinians have chosen the Hamas to lead their government, and was one of the main reasons for the peace process being put off far into the future”. The Shmendrik (who loathes the current US president, and believes Israel dictates US policy),…disagreed. KGS

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