Finnish MP Wants Hamas Excluded……..

Finland’s representative to the European Parliament, Hannu Takkula, (Center Party) has demanded that Finnish FM Erkki Tuomioja (‘old scruffy) to exclude the jihadi genocidal party of the Hamas from participating in the upcoming Euro-Mediterranean Partnership’s general meeting.

“I hope that Vanhanen’s government and its foreign minister, Erkki Tuomioja, will send an unambiguously clear message to Belgium, that Finland wants to keep to the international community’s rules of not negotiating with terrorist organisations, and that therefore we cannot assent to these kinds of requests,”

Seeing that Erkki Tuomioja has a long history of making both inciteful remarks and siding against Israel,……..

“Old Scruffy” in the Suomen Kuvalehti interview:
“I am shocked that Israel’s policy is to humiliate, to hurt, and to impoverish the Palestinians, Minister Tuomioja said. What could be the result of this except eternal hatred? Israel’s actions are especially difficult to accept because the Jews, more than anyone else should know how horrible it is for a whole nation to be persecuted. It is very troubling that the policies of the Israelis against the Palestinians are similar to those which victimized them in the 1930,”

I’m not too optimistic then, of Hamas being denied representation at that meeting. KGS

Note: Hannu Takkula is one of the few Finnish politicians that shows ”backbone” on a regular basis.

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