Danish Imam Caught On Camera Issuing Death Threat…….

You just can’t make this stuff up. French journalist Mohamed Sifaoui managed to film Danish Imam, Ahmed Akkari (spokseman for the Danish Muslim group that traveled the ME with 12 cartoons plus 3 of their own) calling for the death of fellow Muslim Naser Khader, of the Social Liberals. Naser Khader is the founder of an organisation called “Democratic Moslems” which is moderate, Democracy-minded and at odds with Akkari.


“If [Naser Khader] becomes the Minister of Foreigners or Integration, why don’t we send out two guys to blow up him and his ministry?”

Under the cover of democratic tolerance and political ingnorance, totalitarians are busy trying their best to prepretrate some very sinister deeds. KGS

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