Iraqis Now Enjoy Freedom Of Religion…….

It looks a bit strange but its what they want. Long denied their religious freedoms, the Shi’ia of Iraq are now free to practice their faith. Lets hope that other faiths in Iraq will enjoy that same right as well. Its true that Iraq has a very long way to go in developing its democracy, but its worth the effort. KGS

KARBALA, Iraq – Millions of Shiite pilgrims, some of them flogging themselves with chains, surrounded a shrine in the holy city of Karbala on Monday to commemorate the 40th and final day of symbolic mourning for the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson. Tight security appeared to be holding sectarian violence at bay in the city, though five pilgrims making their way to Karbala were attacked in a drive-by shooting in Iskandariyah, 30 miles south of Baghdad. All survived, police said. In Karbala, the day passed without major reported violence. Read more.

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