Peeping Pilot Blames Pullout…….

“Pilot who peeped into women’s showers says he did it to alleviate pullout pains.”
Oh yeah…sure, that’s a new line of defence if I ever heard one. KGS

A naughty pilot with a creative excuse: An Air Force pilot suspended from duty after he was caught peeping into the women’s showers at his base told army officials he engaged in the dubious activity because he “needed to alleviate pains” caused by his participation in the Gaza disengagement. The IDF is now mulling whether to remove the pilot from the army. The officer, a first lieutenant and a Tzofit aircraft pilot by training, serves at an army base in the heart of Israel. He was recently caught peeping – on two separate occasions – into the women’s showers while female soldiers were taking a shower.” More..

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