Israel, PA Join Forces To Fight Bird Flu…….

Would it be cynical to hope that Palestinian terrorists won’t use this outbreak of flu to their advantage? KGS

Jerusalem Post:
Tests are underway in Israel to determine whether samples of blood and saliva from livestock and dead wild fowls found in Gaza, received from Palestinian Authority officials, confirm fears of possible outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease and bird flu in Gaza.

If proven true, the situation could have fierce repercussions affecting finances and health, Israeli security officials warned, adding that outbreaks of either disease will not only jeopardize Palestinians in Gaza, but also the public in Israel.

“It is in Israel’s interest to ensure that agricultural standards in Gaza are maintained,” Uri Madar, head of the agricultural division at the Erez District Coordinating Office told The Jerusalem Post, as he prepared to transport the samples and dead fowl to Israel’s veterinary service laboratories in Beit Dagan. More.

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