The Murderers Of Israeli Minister Rehavam Ze’evi Are Nabbed…….

This letter to Palestinian PM Mahmoud Abbas provides background to why US and British monitors left the prison in Jericho. The PA at the behest of the Hamas, were going to renege on their promises, and release both the murders and mastermind of the 2001 assassination of Israel’s Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze’evi. Neither the US nor Britain were inclinded to be caught holding the bag, in providing official cover for the release of the terrorists. Its all history now, the terrorists are now properly behind bars.

The way the story has been told in the Finnish media, you would think that the US/Britain and the Israelis were acting without just cause. No mention is being made of any violations by the Palestinians, concerning their assurances of allowing the monitors of view all visitors ect., or the security of the monitors themselves. We keep hearing about the dubious claim that this might be happening because their are only “two weeks before Israeli elections”. Palestinian PM, Abbas has cried foul, like he knew nothing of his assurances to set the terrorists free in the very near future. All I can say “boo hoo” …too bad..

The Hamas had been seeking their release for some time now, as this House of Commons document shows. The story here, is that the PA once again, is resorting to its “revolving door” policy of kicking loose wanted terrorists by Israel. This time its the new warden of the prison doing the kicking, ….the Hamas. KGS

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