UN Commission Turns Blind Eye To Saudi Arabian slavery Of Women…….

The UN has once again proved itself in desperate need of an over haul, being harnassed by a ‘Cold War’ mentality that inhibits its ability to function properly in the 21st century. It is a good thing then, that the US has Mr. John Bolton as its ambassador to the international organization at Turtle Bay. The recent episode at an annual UN function honoring the Palestinians, which included a map that excluded the whole state of Israel, is another example of the UN’s institutionalization of the ‘Cold War’ mentality. The response to the US Amabassador’s concerns, was that that map had always been on display for over thirty years. To which Ambassador Bolton replied; exactly. KGS

The following is by Anne Bayefsky:

The UN and Women’s Rights: ‘The Scandal Just Keeps Getting Bigger’
On Friday, March 10, 2006 the UN Commission on the Status of Women — the UN’s highest body dealing with women’s rights — adopted only one resolution that specifically condemned the abuse of women’s rights by any of the 191 UN member states. That state was Israel.[ CONTINUED … ]There was no resolution on Saudi Arabia and the million female migrant workers living in slave-like conditions there. There was no mention of Jordan, home to the phenomenon of “honor killings” — the alleged entitlement to murder female relatives. Nothing on China, land of forced abortions and sterilizations. Nothing on Mali’s appalling record on female genital mutilation. No mention of Palestinian women who volunteer to be suicide bombers in order to kill Jews. And of course, no mention of the Israeli women and girls who are their victims.The Commission on the Status of Women makes it abundantly clear that the victims of the UN’s obsession with demonizing the Jewish state go far beyond Israelis. They are the billions of women around the world who cannot garner the attention of this organization because it is otherwise occupied.

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