Finnish FM Endorses Turkish Call For Changes In Laws…….

In today’s Helsingin Sanomat (12.3.2006), a small but ‘note worthy’ article was published, concerning the Turkish Foreign Minister’s (Abdullah Gül) demand for a change to existing EU laws that would protect ‘all’ religions from disrespect. How one would define this ‘disrespect’ would be enough to trouble anyone who believes in the freedom of expression, but even more troubling is the response of Finland’s own Foreign Minister, Erkki Tuomioja. His being in agreement with the Turkish official’s demand, is extremely disturbing as it is foolish, and shows just how far Europe has fallen from its democratic liberalism. That a European FM would even willingly entertain such a thought, let alone indorse it, is chilling. The recent firing of a Finnish editor of the cultural magazine Kaltio, shows just how far Finnish dhimmitude has been accepted, under the false notions of “tolerance and respect”. KGS

Helsingin Sanomat:
Turkey wants a change in law due to cartoon controversy
Salzburg.Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül expressed hope on Saturday, that EU member states would change existing laws to protect all religions. “I ask all member states to clarify if existing restrictive laws and regulations apply equally (the respect of religions) to all religions, including Islam”, Said Gül in a speech to foreign ministers of EU member states in Salzburg Austria. He was referring to the publication of the cartoons in the European media, which has caused feelings of anger in Muslim countries. “I don’t know in how many countries this type of law modification is needed, but (Gül’s) the principle is quite correct”, commented Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomija about the demand. HS

The original article in Finnish:

Turkki haluaa lakimuutoksia piirroskiistan vuoksi
SALZBURG. Turkin ulkoministeri
Abdullah Gül toivoi lauantaina, että EU:n jäsenmaat muuttaisivat lakejaan kaikkia uskontoja suojeleviksi. “Pyydän jäsenmaita selvittämään, koskevatko lainsäädäntöjen rajoitukset (uskontojen kunnioittamisesta) tasapuolisesti kaikkia uskontoja, mukaan lukien islamia”, Gül sanoi puheessaan EU-maiden ulkoministereille Itävallan Salzburgissa. Hän viittasi eurooppalaisissa lehdissä julkaistuihin pilapiirroksiin, jotka ovat herättäneet vihan tunteita muslimimaissa. “En tiedä kuinka monissa maissa tällaisiin lakimuutoksiin on tarvetta, mutta (Gülin) periaatehan on ihan oikea”, ulkoministeri Erkki Tuomioja kommentoi vaatimusta.

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