Another Totalitarian Offended…….

Its interesting but not surprising that totalitarians will react the same way to dissent, in that there will be no hesitation to stifle it and to quickly shut it down. The usual preferred method of stifling dissent and freedom of expression is thuggery, by physically removing the offending party and its offending message from view. The second stage in the totalitarian’s hand book calls for a cry of “victimization” to be heard, for the totalitarian has been “insulted” by the offending party’s message, by not being shown the proper ‘respect’ they think they are entitled to. And thirdly, the “offended” totalitarian demands that such an offence be never allowed to happen again. Sound familiar?

No, I’m not referring to the Mohamed cartoon brouhaha, were twelve cartoons Prophet Mohamed were drawn and published to see just how much self censorship has crept into Danish democracy. No, I’m talking about a baseball tournament in Puerto Rico, where an offending sign that read “Down With Fidel” caused one Cuban totalitarian to explode in anger, and demand that the offending sign be removed.

As with all authortarians, the understanding of ‘freedom of expression’ was lost both on him and his Cuban government. For they demanded some kind of assurances that “this will not happen again” in return for their continued participation in the tournament. Its clear that ‘love’ Islamists have for Muhamed and the ‘love’ their fellow totalitarians (the Communists) have for Fidel’, have much more in common than they would care to admit. KGS

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